High-Performance OLED-Microdisplays for Mobile Multimedia HMD and Projection Applications


The project objectives are to develop a hands-free multimedia viewing system that uses the best and most suitable component technologies - emissive OLED microdisplay, light-weight optics and maximum electronic integration – to provide the most appropriate technical specification (VGA, brightness up to 10.000cd/m˛, 16.7 Mio colors, 100mW@100cd/m˛) and value for money for the targeted consumer markets.

Mobile communication has changed the way we live and will continue to do so. In future mobile multimedia will be a key driver for mobile communication. As handsets become more video oriented (TV, DVD, MP4, games etc) the small size of handsets forces a more restrictive limit to the size of display. High definition wearable virtual displays for hands-free viewing and low-cost low-power mobile-integrated micro-projection will overcome this restriction. The target of HYPOLED is the development of a next-generation virtual display platform using novel electronic and optical component technologies for both head-mounted displays (HMD) and mobile projection applications. At the centre of the project is a new OLED microdisplay technology. Microdisplays are very small displays that are viewed under optical magnification. They combine a high quality 'virtual image' similar in size to that seen from a desktop monitor, with very low power consumption. This approach enables video, web pages or high-resolution still images to be viewed on portable consumer products with extended battery life. Microdisplays are already deployed as electronic viewfinders in camcorders and cameras. In future they will be seen in hands-free (wearable) systems and micro-projectors for use with 3G mobile phones, computed games and personal DVD/MP4 players. The current two major OLED technologies are implemented on the same backplane platform: Polymers (P-LED) and small-molecules (SM-OLED), whereas P-LED microdisplays will serve the HMD applications, and SM-OLED the micro projection applications.

WVGA Microdisplay sample of Microoled


Last update: 19.02.2010


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VGA Microdisplay sample of IPMS


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