13.10.2008: „NEM summit“ in St. Malo (France)


Dr. Uwe Vogel (Fraunhofer IPMS), Constanze Großmann (Fraunhofer IOF) and Oliver Dufour (Mobintech) visited the NEM summit conference and exhibition in St. Malo.


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Last update: 19.02.2010

5.3.2009: „Electronic displays conference“ in Nuremberg (Germany)


March 4-5 2009 the „Electronic displays conference“ takes place in Nuremberg (Germany).  This exhibition gives engineers, managers and developers the chance to meet, get and compare latest data and notes. On Thursday, March 5 at 13.30, Uwe Vogel („Hypoled“ coordinator) will deliver a speech about the project and its progress.


Program of „Electronic displays conference“

High-Performance OLED-Microdisplays for Mobile Multimedia HMD and Projection Applications

June 2009: „IKSS Summer School on Organic Electronics


A training on organic light emitting diode technology and networking opportunity in Krutyn (Poland).



June 2009: „SID conference”


Ian Underwood (UEDIN) participated the SID conference in Austin, Texas (USA) for an applications tutorial on picoporjecetors.



September 2009: „Eurodisplay 2009“


Ian Underwood (UEDIN) visited this workshop session on picoprojectors in Rome, Italy.


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September 2009: „Organic Semiconductor Conference 2009“ in London (UK)


An invited paper was presented by Ian Underwood.


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September 2009: „NEM Summit“ in St. Malo (France)


At the NEM summit 2009 Scholles (IPMS) and Cummins (UEDIN) presented a project overview lecture.

October 2009: „IMID '09“ in Seoul (Korea)


The HYPOLED project/consortium has received the Excellent Award by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology during the International Meeting on Information Displays (Oct 12-16, Seoul/Korea). This was accompanied by prize-money, that is going to be used to disseminate HYPOLED goals and achievements by sponsoring the SID Mid Europe 2010 Spring Meeting on “Personal Projection and Information Displays”, to be organized by HYPOLED partner Fraunhofer IPMS and held in Dresden/Germany on March 18/19 2010.


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10.12.2009: „UK Knowledge Transfer Network“


Ian Underwood conducted a presentation with the title: „HYPOLED—next generation display platform“.


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December 2009: „ForumLED conference“


Ian Underwood (UEDIN) presented an invited paper.

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