Month 18 Results


Last update: 19.02.2010

High-Performance OLED-Microdisplays for Mobile Multimedia HMD and Projection Applications

During the Year 1 review (March 2009) EC and external reviewers had already acknowledged good project progress. Now after Month 18 the following intriguing intermediate results may be presented:



             A new all-digital VGA full-color OLED microdisplay backplane has been              designed by Fraunhofer IPMS in a 0.18 µm commercial CMOS process and is              currently under prototype manufacturing,


       Micro-projector optics (matching HYPOLED VGA microdisplay) has been developed by Fraunhofer IOF and publicly demonstrated,


       The MediaBox connectivity to DVB-T, DVB-H (MPEG-2/4 streaming) and WiFi has been implemented by Fraunhofer IPMS on a low-power multimedia processor platform (Samsung S3C6400) and has been demonstrated.




A datasheet of the VGA full-color OLED microdisplay has been compiled: The public version can be requested by interested parties via this form.


The month 18 review was the first review with “microoled”, which is a new member of the HYPOLED team.



Here you can find the official press release.